Leaders and Candidates

Founded by Mr. M. Kameron Hawkins back in the year of 1981 in Arizona and served our Nation. When Mr. Hawkins moved to Nevada in 2012, he focused only on Nevadan’s needs from the President of our nation, down to the local community leaders.

On February 23rd, 2020, Mr. Hawkins began Running for Lieutenant Governor of Nevada and moved from the founder and chairman to now a client of Leaders and Candidates.

In 2022 Leaders and Candidates became a division of PAC – Our Freedom of Choice www.OurFreedomofChoice.com that Mr. Hawkins founded to support Republican’s from all levels of office across the United State of America. Starting in Nevada.

This is one outstanding support system, publishing and resource business for Leaders and Candidates of the Republican Party. (Only)

We added Republican Golf Classic – www.RepublicanGolfClassic.com to bring both the world’s more powerful business development activity together with Leaders and Candidates on a local, statewide and national platform.

By focusing on all of Nevada’s Republican’s seeking office in Nevada on all levels and showcasing them in the Leaders and Candidates of Nevada Republican Voters Guide starting in 2020. We have become understood to be a resource for fundraising events, printing and our both print and online special publication, we provide every two years at no cost to our Leaders and Candidates her in Nevada.

Leaders and Candidates is a place where Nevadans can learn about the past and current leaders and candidates from all levels of office throughout Nevada. My name is Alysia Garver-Paris, and I am the editor of Leaders and Candidates. It is an honor to educate fellow Nevadans on who their upcoming candidates are for election season and to support those who are running for office as Republican’s.