Leaders and Candidates

Founded by Mr. M. Kameron Hawkins back in the year of 1981 in Arizona and served our Nation. When Mr. Hawkins moved to Nevada in 2012, he focused only on Nevadan’s needs from the local community leaders to the President of our Nation.

By focusing on all of Nevada’s seeking office in Nevada on all levels and showcasing them in the Leaders and Candidates of Nevada is more like a Voter’s Guide.

Leaders and Candidates is a place where Nevadans can learn about the past and current leaders and candidates from all levels of office throughout Nevada. My name is Alysia Garver-Paris, and I am the editor of Leaders and Candidates. It is an honor to educate fellow Nevadans on who their upcoming candidates are for election season and to support those who are running for office.


Leaders and Candidates – we are planning to publish an edition for every state on our Nation. You will see us expand in our Editions section of our website, starting in Nevada.